A Must-Know Guide to Event Transportation for Planners

Employees are the greatest asset of your company.

Research has shown that 69% of employees indicate they would work harder if they felt their efforts were appreciated.

And what better way to say thank you through rewarding the team with a fun-filled event in Gold Coast?

With a warm climate and countless unique experiences on offer, whether you’re organising a team-building adventure in the stunning hinterland, or hosting sales conferences and corporate events in the city, we’ve got you covered.

At Bus Charter Gold Coast, our mission is to take care of all your transport needs. We’ve curated this guide to help you with planning group transportation for large or small events, along with some tips! Read on and follow this corporate event planning checklist.

Checklist: Timeline for Booking Your Corporate Charter Bus

As a company event planner, your goal is to increase the chance of a successful conference, seminar, or company day trip so things run smoothly for everyone involved. If something falls through the cracks, there is a chance your event attendees might arrive late (or not at all).

7 to 8 months out

  1. Lay the foundation for success by setting your budget and confirming event attendees to get an accurate headcount.
  2. Outline your itinerary, and book a venue that fits your theme.
  3. Record everyone’s pick up time and addresses.
  4. Start looking for a bus charter company to and from your event venue, and set routes that your drivers can take on the day of the event.

6 months out

  1. To secure the best prices and availability, book your coach at least 6 months ahead of time. Finalise the number of passengers and itinerary to find the right buses.
  2. Decide whether you need any bus amenities. For example, TV monitors, power outlets for staying productive on the road. At Bus Charter Gold Coast, our buses come equipped with cushioned seats and panoramic windows for the best comfort and visual pleasures.

1 Month Until the Event

  1. Finalise your event details with the shuttle company, and pay for your rental in full to lock in your transport.


Hiring a shuttle is a great way to travel in style to corporate events without burdening your budget.  From weekend corporate events to lunchtime off-site meetings, hiring a coach is the best way to keep your guests running smoothly between venues. We’ll welcome your team into Gold Coast with a personal charter bus– whatever your needs, we can keep your event running without missing a beat.

Why hire a charter bus in Gold Coast for your event or seminar?

1. Stay relaxed throughout your journey.

Plush seating, air conditioning for the Queensland heat, and TV on board– you’ll always travel comfortably with a private coach from Bus Charter Gold Coast. Keeping you safe and comfortable the whole trip is our top priority.

2. Never get lost again.

Let us handle navigation. Our drivers are experienced and do what they do best: get you from A to B safely. If you’re new to Gold Coast, forget about navigating through or getting lost in this beautiful city. When you book your coach with us, they will get your group to every stop on your itinerary effortlessly.

3. Arrive on time with time to spare

Got a few stops in one day? Of course! You’re in Gold Coast after all. We’ll plan accordingly and ensure everyone in the group arrives at the right place, and on time. No more confusion surrounding the navigation process from rideshare services. Simply send us your itinerary before your trip begins.

4. Stop worrying about parking.

Bus Charter Gold Coast’s logistics team will secure parking and drop-off areas prior to your trip. You never have to spend hours finding parking for your group; just tell us where you’d like to be, and we’ll take you there.

5. Come together, stay together.

When travelling in a big group and doing multiple stops a day, your peers can sometimes become separated. Rideshare options and public transport might cause aggravation and confusion when you’re trying to stay together. With your own coach, there is plenty of space for everyone to travel and unwind together on one vehicle. Your group will stay organised the entire trip.

Got ten people attend dinner or hundreds of employees attend a conference? We are the perfect choice for corporate outings in Gold Coast.

4 tips to save on bus hire cost in Gold Coast

Whether you are an experienced or first-time event planners, keeping the cost down for your corporate event is a major factor. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Before enquiring, aim to complete your itinerary the best you can. Be as detailed as possible to avoid paying for additional mileage or hours.
  2. Ensure that you hire the right bus type for your group so you don’t pay for extra seats or features you may not need.
  3. Avoid hectic seasons such as June, July, and December. End of financial year and holiday seasons are the peak seasons for corporate events, seminars, sales meetings and conferences. If you have to host during these months, then try to make your booking as early as possible to secure availability and receive the best deal.
  4. January, February, and August are generally slower and the best valued months to hire a bus due to less demand.
  5. Contact your accommodations and venues ahead of time to enquire about any required bus permits. Bonus: this is a good opportunity to ask the hotel for any discounted rates or free rooms they may have for group bookings.

Need a detailed quote for your Gold Coast bus hire? Get in touch below and we will work with you to plan an easy and well-planned bus transport for your whole crew.

The Gold Coast Bus Charters promise

We know you want to show your employees how much you value and appreciate them.

To ensure their contributions don’t go unrecognised, these are our commitments to you:

  • We are committed to the safety and comfort of all our guests.
  • We are dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of service in all that we do. From our values, to the training of our drivers and the development of our business with you.
  • We want you to focus on your seminars, presentations and networking! Let us do the hard work to get your valued peers there safely.
  • Safe, stress-free bus charter experience. Our friendly drivers will get you and your clients to wherever you need.
  • Our skilled representatives at your disposal to help you plan the most efficient route for your corporate trips, ensuring that your event transportation run smoothly.

Organising an annual corporate event in the Gold Coast area? Consider booking a charter bus service with us today.

What details to prepare before getting a quote for bus hire ?

We understand that every client has different needs, and quotes received will differ from one another – but how? Here are a few things to gather and consider before getting a quote.

  1. Before you start looking and requesting for a quote, the reservation manager will need to find out your pickup and drop-off location, trip destinations, and times.
  2. Haven’t finalised your guest numbers? You can start conducting a headcount. The reservation specialist will need to know if you have a small or a big group of people. Smaller groups will benefit from hiring a minibus, while larger groups are more likely to fill a full-sized coach.
  3. Most bus hires are quoted by the hour, day, or mileage depending on the length of your trip, with some companies requiring minimum hours. If you are travelling in the Gold Coast area, some companies are charging by the hour, while long trips are calculated per day or kilometre.
  4. Seasons are everything! If you haven’t finalised a date, at least decide on a season that you want to host your corporate event. Bus hire rates are seasonal, we suggest booking a bus at least 6 months prior to secure availability and get the most out of your budget.
  5. Keep in mind that your itinerary could change at the last minute due to business requirements or modifications. Altering major trip details can yield additional charges if it requires any additional stops and kilometres after your preliminary itinerary.

Have you gathered all your details? We can’t wait to start assembling a team of experts and drivers to bring you the best charter bus service in Gold Coast!

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We recognise, value and manage your corporate transportation requirements and know how much reputation you can earn by perfectly organising your bus rental.    

With Bus Charter Gold Coast, we have an impressive fleet of buses and coaches across the entire Gold Coast and areas up to Beenleigh. We are here to make your corporate trip a breeze.

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