Book Your Gold Coast Schoolies in 4 Easy Steps

If you are reading this… congratulations, you are almost there! You are close to making the massive achievement of getting to the end of your high school. To celebrate the end of an era and give yourself a well-deserved break, it’s time to look at booking your schoolies week with your mates.

Endless sunny days, warm beaches, and labelled as the unofficial schoolies capital of Australia, Gold Coast attracts thousands of Year 12 students every year to mark the end of their school years. Yes we know – school is hard, but schoolies shouldn’t be! That’s why we’ve put together these quick and easy steps to locking in your schoolies week in Gold Coast:

1. Gather your crew

Schoolies won’t be fun without your squad. Start a group chat with your mates, start sharing ideas, and get everyone hyped for your schoolies holiday. Tip: remember to appoint a trip organiser to keep things on track.

2. Pick a spot (hint: Gold Coast)

What’s better to celebrate your schoolies in style than the insta-perfect turquoise waters, never-ending nightlife and iconic theme parks on the golden shores with your best mates? Well, Gold Coast has it all.

Thousands of students descend to Surfers Paradise for the celebrations, doesn’t matter where you’re from, it is truly the one spot that you will never run out of fun things to do.

3. Find the best schoolies transport and accommodation

Great, now that you’ve decided where to go, it’s time to sort out your schoolies transport and accommodations. Flying into Gold Coast? Or perhaps you’re taking a road trip with your mates? No matter which option you pick, you’ll need to hire a bus in Gold Coast to pick up the crew and get everyone around.

Budget is everything, and keeping the cost down is key. Finding affordable schoolies accommodations and getting a private coach at a great price will surely please everyone. After all, we know you’d rather save your money for the fun stuff!

4. Get booking and get excited

Now that you’ve made all the big calls, it’s time to pay and start locking in your schoolies holiday! As schoolies is a big event, to make sure that you get the best deals for your preferred options, start booking as early as possible and pay your deposit upfront. No one likes to miss out.

Bus Charters Gold Coast: the ultimate hassle-free schoolies transport

At Bus Charters Gold Coast, we want you to forget expensive and unreliable ride-sharing services. Our professional private shuttle will pick you up from Brisbane Airport or Gold Coast Airport, and have you arrived safely at your hotel. Doing a day trip to the hinterland or an INFINITY experience in Surfers Paradise?

No worries, our spacious fleet is an excellent option to make sure your crew stay together. Want more flexibility and savings? You can also bundle round-trip transfers between your hotel, theme parks and attractions with airport transfers.

Ready for the schoolies of a lifetime? Get your free quote from us.

With Bus Charter Gold Coast, our modern and comfortable fleet can take your entire crew to anywhere you desire, at an affordable price. You focus on having fun and creating priceless memories, let us handle the rest!

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