The Good News for Indian Travel Agents – Gold Coast Pacific Tours

I will start casually by saying that the bus is now a kind of necessity for everyone. You
either drive in your own personal car or by bus or by airplane or by boat.

Usually, the most preferred way is thorough bus because the buses are now more comfortable and cheaper. When you travel by bus, you travel by directly booking the bus service or giving this project to an Indian travel agent or a private group of traveling who then look into the matter. Whenever you get exposed to the name of a bus service that appears new to you, you get stuck with the question of how much tours are included, what are the routes it follows, who will get benefit from it, to who does this bus service suits the most, what are its timings, so and so on.
Your Indian travel agent will select a service for you where he will accompany you. If the bus service is suitable, both of you will enjoy it. Still, if the service will not be good enough to be even acceptable, you will suffer from the harmful effects. You should need to look into the matter yourself and try to find out a bus service that fulfills the 90 percent of the customers’ requirements. This blog is mainly based on giving the most satisfactory and suitable answers to your possible questions, particularly the questions related to the bus service of Gold Coast Pacific Tours. Get ready to explore the bus service with an in-depth view.

Who Are We?

Briefly, we are a bunch of people who provide bus service in the Australian cities of Brisbane and Gold Coast with the name of the Gold Coast Pacific Tours.

Who Can Be Benefited the Most?

All the public group tour agents and the private group tour agents from India quickly fasten your seat belts because we have brought the best news for you. All your worries will be solved in a single eye blink.  The Gold Coast Pacific Tours is explicitly made to serve the tour groups, private groups, private transfers, honeymoons, corporate and incentive groups all from India.

We happily welcome the Indian people on Australia’s land and take the burden of their traveling across two of Australian cities that are Brisbane and Gold Coast, on our shoulders.

So, the bus service named Gold Coast Pacific Tours is made explicitly for Indian tour agents who bring guests to Brisbane and Gold Coast.

And those Indian travel agents who have promised their private groups will provide them with the best services in Australia. They need to look for us for the best services in the town.

Places Where You Can Avail Our Services:

As our name, Gold Coast Pacific Tours indicates that our tours have to do something with the Pacific.

So, actually, we have everything to do with the Pacific. Our bus service helps its level best to serve as a linking point between Asia and Australia. These countries are lying beside the Pacific Ocean.

Moreover, it specifically works for two cities in Australia. One of these is the Gold Coast, as you can see from the name, and the other one is Brisbane.

When to Look for Us?

When the international borders open, everyone plans to go out and have fun with the family’s friends. Besides the casual trips abroad, the business groups also wait for the international borders to open up to meet their corporate and incentive groups out there and have business meetings abroad.

Also, soon after the marriage, people usually look for travel agents to let them book a bus service abroad so that they will be able to enjoy a successful honeymoon. Moreover, tour groups and private groups keep on looking for the bus services that will provide their best interests during traveling. During this time, the Indian agents find bus service that could serve their best interests. This is the time when you could look for us to handle your big groups. We are familiar with the handling of serious business class groups and the adventurous group of young fellows.

Our Experience in Bus Service:

Although we have made the website just now, we have been carrying out our services since the last century. We have 30 years of experience in providing bus services. Since globalization has have been at the brink of this world and the internet is the best way of outsourcing your services to the broader audience, that is why we came up with the idea of creating our own website to promote our services.

And also, for making it easy for you to book your orders easily through it.  It will help you in reaching us easily and will also assist us in contacting you quickly.

Services Provided by Gold Coast Pacific Tours:

A set of services are being provided by Gold Coast Pacific Tours Bus Provider. These services range from picking you up from the airport to roaming the city with the Gold Coast Pacific Tours. The detailed benefits are explained below. Have a look at it,

1) Providing Transport from Airport to Hotel and back to the airport:

The first and the most effective service provided by the Gold Coast Pacific Tours is the service that it gives you from the airport to your hotel, no matter where the hotel is. Still, it needs to be inside the two cities’ territory where we run our business successfully.

It takes the tour groups to Australia from the airport via Indian tour agents and then transfers them to the hotel rooms. The Gold Coast Pacific Tours provides service in international airports. Still, the airport should be in either Brisbane or Gold Coast, cities of Australia. Similarly, it picks the private groups, tour groups, honeymoon couples, private transfers, corporate and incentive groups, so on the back from their hotels where they had resided throughout their period of the tour in Australia.

Along with the international airports, the Gold Coast Pacific Tours also provide its bus service in the national airports. It takes people coming from India through the Indian Travel agents to the Gold Coast and the Brisbane.

2) Timings of Outing in the form of City Tours

Another great news awaits you here. Gold Coast Pacific Tours also give the services of tours within the defined territories of Australia’s two cities, of which one is Gold Coast, and the other in Brisbane.

The timing during which it carries out the external tours for Brisbane is 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. Similarly, the Gold Coast city tours include the timings of 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours.

These timings are feasible with almost everyone like either you have come upon a honeymoon or a business meeting in a corporative and incentive group, or with the private group or tour group, you will be accommodated at its best.

3) Theme Park Transfers

The bus services of Gold Coast Pacific Tours do not just include the transferring tour groups of Indian travel agents from airports to hotels and from hotels back to the airports or the tours inside the city within specific timings. Still, the service from Gold Coast Pacific Tours also includes transferring to the themes park.

The theme parks like Dreamworld are the destination of many of the tourists. Those couples who come on honeymoons especially have this kind of feeling to go to some theme park and follow their theme by buying the themed stuff from the theme parks’ internal stalls.

These couples usually prefer the fairy tales’ kind of photography in the theme parks. That is the primary reason why The Gold Coast Pacific Tours has chosen the theme park as a part of the package that you will take indirectly through your Indian travel agent. But that is a single perspective. The private groups and other tour groups have also been noticed to show their appearance over there. People who come over to Australia with their kids often visit the theme parks.

So, the transfer to any of the theme park that is located in Brisbane and Gold Coast is included in the bus servicing package of the Gold Coast Pacific Tours. This must-have triggered to get back to your Indian traveling agent to ask him to seek us for booking as your next bus service provider here in Australia.

4) Dinner Transfers

Hey, you have not come to the alien land, Australia, for nothing. But you have come here to explore and to roam around the city to see if you like something or not. Wandering and venturing the town with your entire tour group is a fun thing.

Along with other hangouts, you would like to have dinner too. You will have to show your appearance in a buoyant mood for a luxurious dinner yet with a very luxurious car. Looks like the private group would have had any control over them.

5) Show Transfers

The Bus Service, Golf Coast Pacific Tours, also provide the show transfers. Most of the people in the tour groups or private groups attend the shows in the cities of Australia, namely Brisbane and Gold Coast. So, the bus services of Gold Coast Pacific Tours also included the transferring of people and goods from hotels to shows, etc.

Get ready to see the most dramatic displays of Australia’s cities by reaching on time because the obedience of the time is our first motto.

All of the Gold Coast Pacific Tours services have seen in the trends of the market; they have uploaded everything in their bus services. The bus services of the Gold Coast Bus Services are unique in this aspect that, on one side, it deals with the corporate and incentive groups.

On the other hand, it deals with honeymoon couples. This implies that the services and expertise of the Gold Coast Pacific Tours staff’s staff range higher than all others in the market. Moreover, it handles all the tour groups that come to Australia with the Indian travel agents.

Value for Money:

Suppose you are already familiar with the Gold Coast Pacific Tours or have ever looked for getting booked with the Gold Coast Pacific Tours. In that case, you will know that Gold Coast Pacific Tours has slightly higher rates than other bus service providers in the market. You would have canceled the order, or we have even heard of the incidents where people do not even like to give our bus service a chance just because someone else manipulates them that we charge higher than others.

Those others are also influenced by someone else. So, actually, this has now become a rumor across the globe that Gold Coast Pacific Tours charge higher rates. But believe us when we say that we offer better buses with a little bit more money. If you are traveling as a tour group or as a private group, it will not cost you much on the individual level.

Gold Coast Pacific Tours has standard pricing based on which it provides quality vehicles, drivers, and services. The parts of our buses are new, and we keep on renewing them. You will not find any rusted part there. This is vital because most of the accidents on roads occur due to the outdated equipment of the bus or the old and non – working parts of the bus. Our mechanics are trained and guided to check the bus for all the safety precautions before starting any tour.

The second important factor is that we have professional drivers about whom you would have or will never listen to any scandal or any incident of an accident. They are fully devoted and drive with full attention without getting distracted by other things in the surrounding. Thirdly, the services that are being provided by Gold Coast Pacific Tours inside the bus while traveling are better than others in the market. That is why our bus service is better than the others.

We know that the competition in the market has increased manifolds during these years. So several people are coming up with their services. So is the case with the bus service. But in the race of selling low, people are often dropping the quality of vehicles and the payment of drivers and staff due to which they do not work correctly, and it directly costs you your life. So, if you want to have a safe and entertaining journey, you must book Gold Coast Pacific Tours. Get ready for all the tour groups.
All the private transfers are transferred safely with full responsibility. You can even claim us if we damage your stuff. Secondly, the secret groups and the tour groups have a full-fledged advantage by traveling with us because we provide the things of their taste. The money of Gold Coast Pacific Tours bus service is also affordable if you look it from the view of spending your honeymoons in Australia and want to have a safe traveling across the Gold Coast and Brisbane cities.

The Final Verdict – Gold Coast Pacific Tours Specifically for Indian Tour Agents:

All in all, The Gold Coast Pacific Tours is a bus service that is primarily available for the Indian travel agents who usually travel with the larger groups.

The bus services include the picking of the passengers from the airport just when they arrive and take them to their respective hotels. The airports that it picks people from are Brisbane and Gold Coast. Secondly, it also includes city tours in just two Australian cities.

One is Brisbane, and the other is the Gold Coast. The city tours in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are from 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. Thirdly, it also includes tours to the dream theme parks in the cities of Brisbane and Gold Coast.

The bus service of Gold Coast Pacific Tours cares for your emotions and feelings, so it has added this tour in their plan and an incentive. It will pick you up from the hotel and then takes you to the dream theme park where you will be left alone to have the time of your life. When you are free, the Gold Coast Pacific Tours will take you from the dream theme park and take you back to the hotel. Fourthly, it is also beneficial because of the dinner services that it provides. We have seen many people that just travel for dinners to some outside restaurant in the Australian cities of Brisbane and Gold Coast and do not prefer to eat dinner in the hotel where they have been residing.

This transferring service of dinner offered by Gold Coast Pacific Tours is for such people we take from their hotels of residents and takes them to the hotels where they like to have their dinner. After they finish their dinners, we then bring them back to their hotels from their dining places.

That is not all from the Gold Coast Pacific Tours. There is a fifth service that it provides as well. The Gold Coast Pacific Travels is also proved to be a beneficial bus service for those who are here to go into the shows of the cities of Brisbane and Gold Coast.

It provides transfers from your hotels’ room to the shows and then takes you back to your hotels. When it comes to the Gold Coast Pacific Tours rate, then although we charge standard for the bus service we provide, we usually think we are expensive just because the rate is slightly higher than the market. But people typically do not realize the safety measures and the service, the quality of buses, and the proficiency of the drivers we sell. These qualities of the Gold Coast Pacific Tours are being ignored while evaluating us.

The art of persuading is rare, and the Gold Coast Pacific Tours are not familiar with it. Because the expertise of the bus service of Gold Coast Pacific Tours lies in providing the bus services to you and among you, especially to the Indian travel agents who travel with the tour groups. The Gold Coast Pacific Tours do not know the art of playing with the words.

Thereby, persuading you to choose the Gold Coast Pacific Tours as the travel partners is a bit difficult for us. Still, all we have to say in the end is that just give us a chance as you give to every new food restaurant that opens up in the market.

So, we are looking forward to the kind remarks that the Indian tour agents might like to send us, and our platform is open for any queries that you still have in your mind. Just feel free to contact us anyway you want to.

Working for you will give us an unknown pleasure that if you count on money, then it will be a fault of your part and a disgrace of our emotions on your part as well. In the end, the Gold Coast Pacific Tours will try to encourage you more to give at least one chance to it if you have not ever given so.

Reach us before reaching Australia so that we will serve the best of your interests!