Your Guide to Ace A Great Golf Trip

Yes we know, there is no such thing as a bad golf trip. There is, however, such a thing as not enough planning.

Like a 300-yard drive, planning early will truly lift your game. Have you recently been appointed chief organiser by your golfing mates to arrange a trip, but are unsure where to start? Then read on for our guide to planning the ultimate golf trip to Gold Coast. Well known for its magnificent nightlife, never-ending beaches and pristine hinterland, Gold Coast is also home to more than 30 stunning international standard golf courses. Combining a laidback yet entertaining way of life, it is not hard to understand why Gold Coast has grown into one of the most popular golfing destinations in Australia.
If planning a trip is not your strong suit, let us take care of all the logistics for you. Just get off the plane, and we will pick you up every morning and get you to the tee, restaurants, day trips, VIP tournaments and anything in between. Offering flexible golf transfers from one course to another and between your hotel, we cater to small or large groups of players in quality coaches at affordable prices. Whether you are a complete novice or an expert – read on and plan your perfect golf tour.

What are the top 5 golf courses in Gold Coast?

You will never be short of challenging rounds to play in some of these world’s most prestigious courses. With luxury accommodation on offer, glorious day trips and fun nights out, Gold Coast has all the best amenities for an incredible golf trip. Let’s take a look at these 3 courses that boast 18 holes with 72 par course standard.

1. Lakelands Golf Club
Designed by the great Jack Nicklaus, this breathtaking course features manicured greens, a waterfall and world-class championship standards that makes it a really socially dynamic place to be.

2. Emerald Lakes Golf Club
Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, this course is only 25 minutes from Gold Coast Airport. Nestled amongst the trees with grounds that seem to sprawl on forever, it is now one of the Gold Coast best-value-for money courses with a practice facility and caters to all levels of golfers.

3. Palm Meadows Golf Course
This challenging 250-hectare course designed by Graham Marsh is rated among the greatest in Australian golf. Renowned for its exclusive quality and service, this course attracts high profile world golf tournaments as well as charity and VIP events.

4. RACV Royal Pines Golf Course
Situated just a short drive from Surfers Paradise, embrace the superbly manicured greens, scenic lakes, and strategically placed bunkers with the stunning backdrop of the mountains. This course offers excellent conditions for golfers of all levels.

5. Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club
One with a world-class golfing experience, this is one of Australia’s finest private golf clubs. This club also welcomes non-members to access The Palms golf course and its practice facilities. The key is to book early!

You will never be short of challenging rounds to play in some of these world’s most prestigious courses. With luxury accommodation on offer, glorious day trips and fun nights out, Gold Coast has all the best amenities for an incredible golf trip. Let’s take a look at these 3 courses that boast 18 holes with 72 par course standard.

How much does it cost to arrange a golf bus charter?

Booking a private bus tour means flexibility and fun which is the key ingredient to a fantastic golf trip. If you are in a large group, we will take care of the pick up at the airport to your accommodation and make sure you get to the golf course every day. Private golf transfers rates depend on certain factors including:
  • Number of passengers & golf bags
  • Destination and accommodation details (to calculate distance)
  • Type of vehicle (coach/minibus)
  • Time of the year or season
  • Trip distance or duration (day/multiple days)
Tip: Planning your golf trip in advance does not mean it has to impact on the flexibility of your itinerary, as our golf transfer service is tailored to your needs and is all about keeping your head above the game and having fun!

Top 6 tips to plan a golf trip that your mates will love

You don’t need a big fancy budget to ace your next golf trip, in fact it’s the little things that count – from choosing the accommodation and golf courses, right down to the details with logistics and meals.

1.Dates are everything

This is a no-brainer. The golden rule is to book your golf trip as early as possible and mark it in everyone’s calendar. Decide on a location and dates that everyone is happy with and lock it in. How early is early? It depends entirely on whether or not you are going to certain golf tournaments or just a leisure trip with your mates. Some events require people to book it a year ahead of time. One thing you should never do is to leave it to the last minute.

2. Explore and support local

Australia is blessed with so many spectacular golf courses that are perfect for your next golf trip. From the beautiful Gold Coast to Mornington Peninsulas, and all the way to Perth. Staying local will not only help boost the Australian tourism, it also means you get to keep it affordable for the whole group.

3. Book and pay early

Always secure your accommodation, logistics and golf rounds early. After all, what is a golf trip without a place to stay, a driver to take you places, and a club to play golf? Rushing these things will not only add stress to your planning, it also means that you might not be able to book the golf clubs and hotels that you prefer.

What types of services can Bus Charters Gold Coast provide?

We specialise in transfers to and from sporting events, corporate events and private tours and are committed to the safety and comfort of our passengers.


The hardest thing you will have to do is to get off the plane, because we will take care of the rest.

1. The perfect tour bus
Along with an exceptional level of comfort, your group will need a generous space for not only your luggage, but your clubs as well. Our buses and coaches are the best vehicles for this job. We will be there to help you from your first meeting point right through to the end of your trip and beyond.

2. Experienced drivers
An experienced driver is a crucial part of any successful golf tours in Gold Coast.
Expect friendly, laidback drivers who know what they are doing and where they are going. Most importantly, they know how to get there safely.

3. Flexibility and stress-free planning
Nothing soothes the pain of a snap hook like a perfectly organised meal with your mates after a round of golf. Our flexible touring service means you can make the most of every day of your trip. Let us help you plan distances, travel times, advise on tee-times, pub meals, and side visits in this beautiful part of the world.

4. Handle your golf clubs with utmost care
Travelling with golf clubs is not always easy to navigate around. We have great experience in handling fragile goods, and our expert staff will give you as much help as you need during the whole bus tour.

Whichever bus or coach you choose, you can be sure that Bus Charter Gold Coast will arrange something tailored to your needs. Just select your pick-up time from anywhere and we will provide you everything you need to drop you off on your way to or from the golf course or hotel.

What details to confirm in the bus hire contract before signing?

Contact us below and provide the following details for a detailed quote:

  • Number of passengers & golf bags
  • Golf courses & tee-times
  • Meeting point
  • Dates

The price we quote transparent and very clear on what is included and what is not included with no additions, hidden costs and no nasty surprises. Your experience is our priority.

What should I look for in a professional golf bus hire company?

  • Generous clubs and luggage capacity
  • Flexible golf transfers from one course to another
  • Always work around your tee-times
  • Trusted and careful staff to handle your pride and joy
  • Reliable, insured and certified drivers
  • Reputable private transportation services
  • Private transfer service available all year with no pick-up time restrictions

Golfers! Ready for that golf trip of a lifetime? Get your quote from us.

With Bus Charter Gold Coast, we have an impressive fleet of buses and coaches across the entire Gold Coast and areas up to Beenleigh. We are here to make it effortless for you to organise your tour.

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