School Bus Hire in Gold Coast: A Comprehensive Guide & Tips

If the thought of organising a school trip sounds daunting, you are not the only one.

For most teachers, finding the time to come up with school trip ideas – let alone planning an excursion from start to finish – is a real challenge.

However, the great news is that not everything has to fall on your shoulders when you enlist the help of the Bus Charters Gold Coast. Along with providing you with some ideas for planning a school trip, you will also find a list of information that best suits your needs.

If you are not familiar with how to get about organising a school bus hire, then read on for a few of our helpful tips.

The first step to organising a trip is to find safe, reliable and affordable logistics for your students. Therefore, we recommend renting a bus with a professional driver, so that you can relax and enjoy your journey with the students.

How much does it cost to arrange a school bus hire?

When it comes to arranging a bus or coach hire, price is one of the main considerations since you want to make the trip affordable for everyone.

Here are a few factors that determine the cost of your rental:

  • The type and number of buses you need.
  • How long you need the bus for.
  • Where your trip will take place.
  • Travel distance.
  • Fuel prices.
  • Size of the trip.

A bus booked during the peak season can cost more as well, since demand generally increases in late summer and early autumn due to the school holidays and the holiday season. In contrast, you can get cheaper rates in the slow season when demand is slightly lower.

Remember to take into account the small costs that arise along the way, especially if the journey will take several days. When planning your trip, it is essential first to find out the prices for school buses in your area and other parts of the country.

In order to secure a bus, a flat rate or a percentage in advance is normally paid upfront. Whilst it is not necessary, some do tip the driver after the trip to show their appreciation to the driver.

How to plan a school trip that everyone will love?

The key to a memorable school trip is to plan early!

Planning ahead makes things less stressful for you, it also makes the trip more affordable by allowing students or parents more time to budget for it.


Always write down your trip goals. What do you want your students to learn from this tour?

It could be to support quality curriculum delivery, to get a better understanding of a subject, or to provide significant social and emotional development opportunities for students that are often not feasible in the classroom. If you are using a tour provider, ensure that you communicate these clearly and as early as possible. Make sure that both parties are happy and confident that the proposed tour can be delivered seamlessly.


Remember to check with everyone, including the coach company, is aware of the exact meeting location and save a little contingency time for any late-comers. Travel sickness can occur from time to time, be sure to ask if any of your students get travel sick before making arrangements.

How to plan a school trip that everyone will love?

Coming up with creative and educational field trip ideas is part of the fun for the teachers. If done right, these school trips offer exceptional learning experiences that cultivate a sense of school pride and community – be the teacher your students will never forget.

Already set your objective for the trip? Great. Let’s explore these popular school trip ideas to maximise the fun!

1. School sports
What better way to experience the best sports cultures than offering the students to see their teams battle it out themselves? Fans of rugby, footy, swimming and cricket? Take the team and watch them compete with students locally with other sports clubs so they learn more about how the sport can connect people from everywhere. Not only can they brush up on their sporting knowledge, but these trips will also leave a lasting impression for the years to come.

2. University tours
Local universities offer many different ways to see their campus. For students that wish to advance their higher education, taking a university tour to learn about their unique curriculum and courses is a crucial part of the process. They can hear from current students, alumni, academics and explore the sites themselves. Remember to check in with the university in advance to request a tour guide and maybe even some free education packs.

3. Trade fairs
Not all students want to go to university and some need to see other different career path options. Hence it is a good idea to invite some local tradespeople to come and engage with the students, so they get an idea on how this industry works. Got questions about these entrepreneurs and their path? Or wondering what the workday is like at a job site? Students can learn and discuss the enormous benefits of getting a qualification certificate in one of the biggest industries in Australia.

4.Wilderness camps
Survival camps give students the chance to develop teamwork, strengthen leadership and communication skills while discovering their own potential in the wild. Students can learn all about building a shelter, finding food and what to do in the case of a wildlife sighting. Not only will they become proactive in many different situations that involve support, decision making and trusting their peers, but they will also see the diversities that make each of us unique.

5. Local excursions
Supporting local tourism has never been more important. From local theme parks such as Sea World and Movie World to national parks like David Fleay Wildlife Park, this is an amazing time for Queenslanders to spend their school holidays exploring their own backyard.
A school excursion to Canberra is a rite of passage for many young Australians as well. The quality of these excursions is superior to those offered to students in other countries and they get a chance to visit many attractions like the Museum of Australian Democracy, Parliament House, the High Court and an exciting highlight for many — Questacon.

6. Food tours
There is no better way to understand Australian culture than through its food! Organise a food tour or a trip to the local marketplace for multicultural food festivals. Most local chefs would be thrilled to put on a showcase of everything locally grown and sown for students. Some would even appreciate the opportunity to build relationships with young members of the community who will grow up to be regular patrons of the local food scene.

What types of services can Bus Charters Gold Coast provide?

See all the fun excursions and trips listed above? Bus Charters Gold Coast can get you from point A to point B safe and sound.


Apart from the usual school shuttles, where the school hires the vehicle and driver at a contractual basis to collect students to and from school each day; teachers and education staff from local schools and universities often turn to us when organising excursions and airport transfers as well.

We provide international and domestic private airport transfers where we meet and greet students upon arrival, saving you some hassle at the airport.


Unlike hiring a car, where you might make the booking right before you need it; a school bus or coach should be chosen as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

What details to confirm in the bus hire contract before signing?

Every school and university has different requirements when it comes to student trips. If your excursion entails various stops and going from one location to another, then you should prepare a list of questions regarding the service details. Avoid surprises and inconveniences by clarifying with the company before signing the bus hire contract.


A few critical things to clarify in the contract include:

  • Is it possible to inspect the bus before booking it?
  • What is the cost if you exceed the pre-established mileage?
  • Are parking and tolls included in the quote?
  • What is the procedure to handle a bus breakdown?
  • Who is responsible for the driver’s meals and accommodations (if any)?

What should I look for in a professional school bus hire company?

Safety is the key deciding factor when it comes to hiring a school bus. When hiring coach services, keeping teachers and students safe is the top priority. You should always look for a company that is licenced and insured to provide coach services, ensuring everyone feels secure and comfortable when travelling.
Ideally, the company would have the flexibility to tailor their bus hire services, as every group of teachers and students have different needs, and no travel situations are exactly the same. It is best to work with a company that has a good track record in a high level of customer service, customer satisfaction and reliability.

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