Queensland teacher resources: Planning a school trip to Canberra

A well-planned school trip can often enrich the lives of students and broaden their world view with a fresh perspective and diversity. Be it an outback adventure or a trip to other states, there is always an element of challenge for students.

Every year more than 160,000 students from over 2000 schools around the country visit Canberra, Australia’s National Capital. As a rite of passage for primary school students, this trip gives them an opportunity to take part in the highest quality educational programs that are built to further their learning.

Programs offered at the National Capital Attractions dive deep into topics from history and arts, to science and technology, and focus on assisting the delivery of the curriculum by using a range of educational techniques.

In this article, we will explore what you need to know about organising a school excursion from the sunny Gold Coast to Canberra with program information about the attractions, booking logistics, PACER rebate, things to do and a planning checklist.

Planning Year 6 Canberra Trip: A Checklist

Some of the students have never spent a night away from the family before, so being away from home and learning to spend time with their peers can give them a taste in experiencing and overcoming a personal challenge.

As a teacher, planning these trips well and early can give everyone ample time to enjoy the adventures in full.

Let’s take a look at the following checklist to help you plan a school trip to Canberra:

1. Speak to your administrator and communicate the reason for this Canberra excursion, what dates you are thinking of, and what the rough cost will be. 2. Contact a bus hire company for transportation and decide how you are going to get the students there and back. 3. Get the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) application form and check your eligibility at pacer.org.au. 4. Select a time to visit and book your accommodations. 5. Decide on meal availability, options and attractions. Some trips do make a quick stop in Sydney for one night before heading to Canberra.

6. Make a plan and find out the time that each attraction needs, keeping the interest and attention span of students in mind.

7. Depending on the number of students attending, arrange for supervision and adults needed to assist with the trip.

8. Create a permission form and itinerary that include all the necessary details about the trip, like the date, time, venue, things to pack, pickup and drop-off, budget, and any essential information so parents can provide support, sign and give permission.

Students will develop the ability to self-manage and budget their own money – all these new experiences can be challenging and almost as beneficial as the school trip program itself.

When organised properly, the trip to Canberra can be an unforgettable learning experience for your Year 6 students.

Top 6 attractions: Year 6 Canberra trip

The Year 6 Australian Curriculum aims to enhance the children’s education of democracy, leadership and government. What better way to do that than a trip to Canberra? Taking your students on this trip will enrich their learning in civics and citizenship, Australian history, art and culture. Here are the 6 best attractions in Canberra:

1. Australian War Memorial

This program explores the reasons why we continue to remember the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women, particularly on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day each year.

2. Royal Australian Mint

Students will visit the Mint, where every single Australian coin in the pockets of Australians is made. Here, students get a guided tour of the factory from the observation windows, as well as the opportunity to mint their own coin!

3. Australian Institute of Sport

Catch the action and go behind the scenes at Australia’s premier elite sporting precinct. Guided by an athlete, they get to ask plenty of questions during the tour and learn about sport the fun way. They might even catch some of Australia’s top athletes in training!

4. Questacon

One of the highlights loved by all students – The National Science and Technology Centre provides enriching, inspirational and engaging experiences for schools. Questacon combines fun with science and can be an integral and stimulating part of your class program.

5. National Museum of Australia

Employing a fresh and exciting approach to Australian Indigenous histories, cultures and the environment, students will learn through compelling objects, ideas and events and learn about this land, nation and people.

6. Parliament House

A visit to the Senate and The House of Representatives offers your students the chance to be part of Democracy in action. The highlight? They get to wear costumes and debate a bill as if they’re in Parliament!

Budgeting For A School Trip FAQ:

Although it is a significant financial investment, this trip helps to build and strengthen relationships between you and your students, creating lifelong memories for all of them. With cost being a crucial element in the planning process of school trips, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions to help with your budgeting.

Q: What should teachers include in their school trip calculator?

A: In order to calculate the cost that should be passed along to students for this trip, take into account the following:

  • Number of students attending
  • How many students can fit on each bus
  • Number of buses needed
  • Costs for each bus
  • Costs for meals and accommodations
  • Entry cost for each destination
  • Equipment hire (if going to the snow)
  • Any travel subsidy

Q: How should the parents budget for this school trip?

A: This will be one of the most expensive school excursions your Year 6 students will attend. Bear in mind that with the rising cost of living could mean that some families might have less access to funds than others. As a teacher, planning the trip early and so the parents are given enough notice to budget and start saving as early as possible in order to cover the costs.

Q: What is the PACER Rebate?

A: The Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) Program provides a travel subsidy for Years 4–12 Australian students to visit national institutions as part of their civics and citizenship education.

How does the Gold Coast - Canberra school trip work?

  • Australia wide and completely customisable
    You don’t necessarily need to be based in Gold Coast! We have an extensive network of coaches and buses that can be arranged to pick you up from any school or airport in Australia.
  • Building ultimate flexibility into your school budget
    Your school might start in Brisbane then stop for a night in Coffs Harbour for Big Banana then make you way down to Sydney for some sightseeing. Not up for any mid-way stops? You have the option to get two drivers to share the drive and get everyone all the way to Canberra in one trip as well.
  • Seasonal and fun

Depending on the time of the year and your budget, an exciting addition to the Canberra trip is to incorporate a trip to the snow fields. Some students have never experienced the snow before, so a quick stop to the snow for some tobogganing is often a real highlight for them.

While the content of the Canberra excursion will vary from school to school, the tour is always designed to make learning fun and engaging. Often your students will feel the challenge while being away from home and outside their comfort zone. When they return from such a great adventure, they will often grow just a little wiser, walk just that little bit taller, and fond memories are made. These are the beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

Why hire Gold Coast Bus Charter for your Canberra school trip?

1. Best value bus hire in Gold Coast

We know that lower transportation costs mean more money allocated for your students to spend on the most critical part of the school trip – the learning element.

2. Safe, insured and spacious fleet

To be able to fit your students comfortably for the whole journey, all our vehicles are fully equipped with seat belts, air conditioning, on top of the latest active safety functionality to ensure maximum protection and enjoyment.

3. Easy to deal with and professional

With years of experience servicing schools and educational institutions, we deeply understand the know-how of transporting students. Whether you are leading a whole school or a small group of students, we have the best capability and the expertise to make your journey an unforgettable one.

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