Helpful Guide to Queensland School Sports Planning 101

Every Queenslander knows that sport is an integral element of the state’s culture.

Visitors from all over the country come to the sunshine state to experience the rollercoaster of a live sports match, to hear the roar of the spectators, and watch the amazing race to the finish. Australia is a nation of sports lovers, after all!

People who have played sports at school understand the enormous positive impact it can have on them growing up. They will also remember that one of the most powerful and impressionable experiences for any these students is the school sports tour.

School sports trips provide the best opportunity for your sporting team to compete nationwide with other schools and organisations of the same calibre.

Aim to cultivate fellowship and sportsmanship, these school trips will be the highlight of your sporting team’s year.

For years, Bus Charters Gold Coast has made it our mission to ensure that our tours are well-planned, inspiring and memorable for everyone. We’ve decided to use our robust experience of supporting sports development tours around Australia to create this helpful little guide. So, whether you’re an experienced P.E. teacher or a fresh first-timer, let’s explore some tips to make your trip a success.

Why should you organise school sports trip?

As a physical education teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your students grow stronger, get healthier – both mentally and physically. Although playing casual sports is a great way for your students to get active and have fun, there are greater benefits to sports that can only be found in competition.

4 tremendous benefits of school sports for students:

1. Create a sense of belonging

At school, the sense of belonging a student forms is sometimes underestimated. Research shows a strong connection between physical exercise and academic achievement. Being part of a sports team creates a sense of belonging and develops the foundation that strengthens self-confidence.

2. Learn to deal with disappointment

No one likes to lose. However, losing gracefully is a skill best learnt early. Competitive sport provides the best learning ground for that skill as many of your students are at that age where they are growing up and shaping the type of person they want to be. Experiencing great sportsmanship–learning how to lose well, win gracefully, respecting others will help shape every aspect of their lives and into their adulthood.

3. Gain responsibility and develop discipline

Like most things in life, having a goal is essential. Same goes to sports–competitive sports require a lot of training, preparation and practice. Getting your students involved such discipline and will make them realise that with hard work, often comes great results. Training together towards a shared goal is one of the most rewarding ways to build fellowship and friendship as well. It’s this shared involvement and strong emotions that will help build loyalty within the team. Possessing these goal-setting methods will be extremely beneficial for them to apply across all aspect of their lives in future.

4. Develop teamwork and build camaraderie

With teammates training, eating, sleeping and enduring new surroundings together, school sports tours can strengthen the bonds between students and their teachers as well.
Sporting tours to other states also support the development of cultural awareness as they witness the heart-stopping sports action at places far from home.
Students often come home after school sports tours with unbreakable bonds and lifelong friendships that were formed on the field but will last into adulthood.

Planning your school sports trip in 4 steps:

Planning a sports tour is an excellent opportunity for teachers to make it an enjoyable one! However, these trips are complicated events to plan, and many things are involved in the process. However, it’s a great idea always to prioritise these few things: getting parents’ permission, booking transportation and arranging accommodation.

Step 1: Set budget and lock in dates

Like all tours, a great school sports tour must start with setting the right budget. Determine the number of students and teachers will be attending, application fees, transportation and accommodations costs. Next, choose the dates. Since most sports events organised well ahead, so you need to be aware of the dates and work around them. Then, set aside your availability, and consider any key dates such as public or school holidays.
Next, decide on the type of sports tour your students want to attend.

Step 2: Obtain parental permission

We know your students might have been training hard and excited to go on the tour, but do they have their parents’ approval? A piece of very important advice: present your idea to their parents with ample notice so they can plan and budget for it, and provide them with all the information as early as possible. Don’t forget to list all the dates, costs, transportation and accommodation details as well.

Step 3: Transport and accommodation

When it comes to touring, the key is to book in advance so you get the best rates, and everything you need to accommodate the number of students that are participating in the tour.

Decide and arrange your mode of transport to get you to and from the event will be the next on the list. A bus or a coach is a fantastic choice due to its ample space and its ability to keep the costs low, making it affordable for everyone.

When it comes to accommodation, choose a location that is safe and close to the training grounds, cutting down your travel times.

Step 4: Packing checklist

Providing a checklist of everything your students will need to bring with them will help kickstart your tour seamlessly. Write down a list of essentials, documents, travel adaptors, jerseys, equipment, and casual clothing for non-training days.

How Bus Charters Gold Coast can support your school sports trip

As well as arranging sports tours with schools and universities, we also provide dedicated local experts to support teachers like you to get their sports tour off the ground. How? By providing the most accommodating transport service that you can find in Queensland and beyond.

Be it rugby, football, cricket, hockey or basketball; Suncorp Stadium or CBUS Super Stadium; we can transport your students from anywhere to destinations of your choice.

1. Safe, insured and spacious fleet

To safely and comfortably fit your students for the whole trip, all our buses are fully decked with seat belts, air conditioning, and the latest active safety functionality to ensure maximum protection and enjoyment.

2. Excellent value bus hire in Gold Coast

We know that budget is the main factor in any trips. Having lower transportation costs mean more funds allocated for your students to spend on the important stuff on their sports trip, and less financial pressure on the parents.

3. Easy to deal with and professional

With decades of experience working with schools and sports institutions, we get you. Whether you are leading a whole sports team or a small group of athletes, we have the best capability and the expertise to make your sports tour an unforgettable one.

4. Australia wide and completely flexible

You don’t necessarily need to be based in Queensland! We have a wide network of coaches and buses that can be organised to pick you up from any school or airport in Australia.

What are the bus hire rates or costs for a school sports tour?

Affordability is critical when it comes to hiring a bus for your students.

In order to estimate the cost that will be passed along to your students for the tour, consider the following:

  • Number of students attending
  • How many students can fit on each bus
  • Sports equipment your students are taking
  • Number of buses needed
  • Costs for each bus
  • Food and beverage costs

A bus booked during the school holiday season can cost more as well, with demand being higher in late summer and early autumn. On the other hand, the rates are lower in the slow season when the market is quieter.

Don’t forget to consider the little costs that arise along the way, especially if it’s an overnight trip. When making plans, it is essential to put a deposit or pay for your booking as early as possible to ensure the best prices and availability.

Here at Bus Charter Gold Coast, we have your back

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We will work with you to plan, coordinate and complete your sports tours; ensuring safety and seamless process will always be our number one priority.

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